Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

$15.00 per dozen 
Mini cinnamon roll

$20.00 per dozen
Caramel apple
Caramel pecan

Top it off with
Powder sugar glaze
Cream cheese

(mix and match toppings)

Dinner Rolls

$10.00 per dozen

Our delicious Specialty Buttery Homemade dinner rolls (half dozen pans)

Sweet Potato Bar


Our Signature dessert  Cookie crust with a sweet potato filling, this one is a winner
8x8 pan

Lemon Bar


Our Signature dessert cookie crust with a sweet custard lemon filling, this one will touch your soul.
8x8 pan 

Sweet Potato Pie


Our Delicious homemade sweet potato pie is a family recipe handed down and its always made to order.

Peach Cobbler


One of my favorites, flaky crust with a delicate fruit filling, just like grandma use to make!

Layered Cake

starting $45.00 

Delicious, moist goodness, made with real butter and always made to order.

Your choice of Cream cheese or butter cream icing.  

Chocolate Cake
Turtle Cake
vanilla Cake
White wedding Cake 
Lemon Cake
Carrot Cake  
Coconut Cake 
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Shortcake 
Red velvet Cake
German chocolate Cake 
Banana Pudding Cake
Pineapple upside down cake

Pound Cakes

Starting $45.00

Variety of fabulous flavors, all made fresh and homemade for you

Old Fashion Butter
strawberry cream cheese
Sock it to me

Cheesecake Large

Starting $45.00

Salted Caramel
lemon curd
chocolate swirl
Sweet Potato Pecan $50.00 

Large cheesecake $45.00 (9 inch)
Small cheesecake $25.00 (6 inch)
12 individual serving $45.00 (cupcake size)
30 mini cheesecake $45.00 (mini cupcake size)

Graham cracker crust
chocolate graham cracker crust  

Party Tray

Starting $45.00

Choose 4 items per tray  

Cinnamon rolls (1 doz)
brownies (24 bite size pieces)
sweet potato bars (24 bite size pieces)
Strawberry/lemonade cookies (1 doz)
chocolate chip cookies (1 doz)
sugar cookie (1 doz)
Peanut butter cookies (1 doz)
Oatmeal raisin cookies (1 doz)
pumpkin bread (12 slices)
carrot cake (12 slices)
pound cake (12 slices)


Starting 24.00 per dozen 

All cupcakes are homemade with the best  ingredients and with real butter.
Topped with homemade butter cream
or cream cheese icing.

strawberry/ Lemonade
Strawberry Shortcake
chocolate smores
pineapple upside down
caramel apple
pumpkin spice
red velvet
carrot cake 
Banana Pudding


Starting $10.00 per dozen

Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip pecan cookies
strawberry/lemonade cake cookies
Sugar cookies
Peanut Butter cookies
Oatmeal Raisin cookies